Sinika 6 Apartment

Apartment-based heating control, lighting, multimedia and more.

Pirita tee 26b Apartment

The smart home has been entrusted with important techno-nodes. We control both ventilation and cooling equipment. The smart home also has heating control, a video recorder, smart metering and every homeowner can easily upgrade the functionality.

Tartu mnt 56 Apartment

Very exclusive functionality in more exclusive apartments. The ventilation unit, cooling units and heating unit are smartly controlled. The flats are conveniently located on a tablet and all the lights are controlled through a smart home.

Tivoli Apartments

In each apartment, the owner can control heating, ventilation and cooling (where available) through a smart home or using a more traditional remote control on the wall. The doubled solution means that both young smart people and older people can manage the home.

Visualization of apartment building heating unit in Tallinn.

In the apartment building heating unit, we control the ventilation units, the air-water pump, the Ouman central heating unit and also smart metering.

Humala holiday home

The heating system of the holiday home is smartly controlled. There are no confusing wall-mounted thermostats and the host also has a good overview of the condition of the pellet boiler.



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